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As of BGEE patch 2.0, it does have to be a specific wyvern, from the cave in the 4th cloakwood map. You can't get out of the quest by getting wyverns on a random encounter anymore. If you have the correct wyvern head, then you can sell it at the Song of the Morning Temple, but it has to be that specific one. Coran is the fighter/thief that you meet in the Cloakwood. That's probably why you had a game where you picked up Kivan before Nashkel. I always get them confused, too. If you cleared the bandit camp and picked up the letters from one of the chests, then Cloakwood should definitely appear. Jun 11, 2020 - Explore Charles Brockett's board "Fantasy City Maps", followed by 155 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Fantasy city map, Fantasy city, City maps. Removed the majority of bafs that were used to extend area scripts for the area visibility issue. Still include revised Bandit Camp visibility, and Cloakwood Lodge is available in Chapter 2 to retrieve Gurke's Cloak, however Cloakwood Nest flag is set to 4 and AR7000 script keeps Cloakwood Nest from being revealed until GT Chapter 4. These islands just west of the Cloakwood and Baldur's Gate appear in every map I can find depicting the Sea of Swords, but are never tagged. Before you google, the islands just southwest of The Cloakwood (and directly west of Candlekeep) are the ones known as The Cimarine Isles. The islands in the photo appear to be completely separate.

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May 11, 2009 · Page 1 of 2 - Cloakwood Wyvern area missing - posted in Worldmap: I am trying to get to the cloakwood mines via the cloakwood wyvern area, but the area does not appear on the map. This has brought my game to a standstill, Also when I try to get to where you find samuel from the Nashkel mines, the game crashes. THis problem can be avoided by taking the scenic route, but is annoying. Help 2- BEDROOM: You'll find a Potion of Healing and a bit of gold in the chest near the bed. 3- DAVAEORN: The master of the mines; he has been placed here by the regional Iron Throne leaders to supervise the activities of the mines. Naturally, he won't be very happy to see you and you'll have to fight him. You get to cloakwood map three by crossing a river in the northwest corner of the cloakwood map two and exiting the map. Cloakwood three is northwest of cloakwood #2. In Cloakwood 3, map 1600, there is Eldoth, an evil NPC, who wants you to help him kidnap Skie, the daughter of Entar Silvershield, a Duke of Baldur's Gate. Maps of bg1s city areas. Nov 17 2019 baldurs gate city map a lushly detailed and finely finished map of the city of baldurs gate from the artist who first envisoned it for the baldurs gate videogame series. The more evocative names are shown in their respective articles.

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Cloakwood Forest - GameBanshee The Cloakwood Forest is home to a variety of wild creatures, including bears, spiders, and wolves. You'll also encounter more than a few druids, some of the shadow variety. You'll only gain access to the Cloakwood Forest during Chapter 4. 1 - Tasloi Around here you'll run into a group of tasloi carrying a Cloak of Non-Detection.