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Jan 19, 2006 · Go to the "Account" tab of the user's properties dialog box, select the option for User must change password at next logon, then click OK. Launch the VPN client, then try to establish the tunnel to the concentrator. During User Authentication, you should be prompted to change the password. Related Information. Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator Dec 02, 2016 · To configure it on the ASA you simply need to enable password management and set it to notify. It works pretty well. The only drawback to it is the laptop they use it's password will not update unless after connecting they change it through windows forcing it to sync to AD. But this is a windows issue, not cisco. Now with their password is expired, you reset it, or create with the change password option in AD it will ask them when they connect to change their password and then update AD.-- Edit --I almost forgot, be sure you run the lates 8.0 or better yet the latest 8.2 IOS on your ASA. It seemed a little buggy on the old 7.x versions. A user once VPN'd can change their password by standard means (ctrl-alt-del change password). If they change it when they are NOT connected to the VPN the pass through authentication fails. We saw Cisco AnyConnect VPN Password changes? Trying to determine how to allow a group of users to change their NT passwords when they expire. The users won't be logging into a Windows machine or OWA for email; only the VPN. Logging In With the Cisco AnyConnect Client. Depending on how your company configured Duo authentication, you may or may not see a “Passcode” field when using the Cisco AnyConnect client. Single Password with Automatic Push. If AnyConnect only prompts for a password, like so: Oct 06, 2011 · I have users authenticating against the ASA local user DB. I want them to be able to change that password so I don't know everyone's passwords. They can already change their domain PW, they just don't connect to the VPN using that. If a VPN account got compromised, I would want the attacker to have to find another password to get any further.

Mar 11, 2016 · 1-Download cisco.txt 2-write your Password 3-save and close 4-change the Extention to .vbs 5-put the file in Startup folder 6-Restart windows and wait for cisco launch Note: if you have windows

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