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Open Riot Games from the directory where it is installed and after opening League of Legends, open the Config folder.; Config folder – Riot games. Now delete the entry ‘game.cfg’.You can even cut paste it to a different location so you can replace it if things go bad.

We’re a diverse team, representing more than 15 nationalities and partnering with teams in the LA headquarters on League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. On top of this, we’re currently building teams for VALORANT, a character-based tactical shooter, and Project L, our take on the fighting game genre. Dubai | Riot Games Dubai is a world-class metropolitan epicenter for culture, tourism, business, and electronic entertainment. Major game publishers have yet to establish a significant presence in this iconic region, and we’re thrilled to have put our flag down with the help of talented and passionate Rioters. Garena Server: What Is It? | League Of Legends Official Amino By 2010, Garena launched a program called "Garena+" which is pretty much a Yahoo! Messenger for gaming. They had acquired big name online games that became popular in Asia, such as Heroes of Newerth, FIFA Online, Point Blank and especially League of Legends. Here's where I'll boil down the details. How it's different from Riot servers lol.Garena.com - Garena IP Location