The effects that oatmeal has on your digestive system are somewhat confusing, and you may have heard conflicting stories. Is oatmeal a laxative that will make you poop? Or does it work in the opposite direction and can it help harden loose stool and take care of diarrhea? The quick answer is that it oatmeal is a […]

Poop Cookies - Easy No Bake Cookies - Forgetful Momma Poop cookies you may be asking, have you gone crazy?! Well, that is just foolish because I am, of course crazy, just ask my husband and children, they would be the first to tell you so. But no, this is what my family called no bake cookies when I was growing up, I don’t know why, we … Does Adderall Make You Poop? How It Affects Your … Adderall can benefit those with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. But with the good effects also come potential side effects, including pooping and diarrhea. Learn How does eating pistachios help digestion? | Digestive

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When a person poops, they may temporarily lose the weight of the stool. However, this is not a good weight loss strategy. Learn more about bowel movements and weight loss here.

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“You’ll experience smaller stool and longer transit time,’ says Lee. In other words, poops may be small, require some straining, and occur less often. Stool color can also reflect dietary